What does transgender hormonal therapy do to you?

Question by DG: What does transgender hormonal therapy do to you?
I am not a girl. However, the ‘best thing’ about being stuck as a girl is the long hair and nobody looks at me sideways about it, and there’s no worry about male-pattern baldness.The weird side-looks, I can deal with. The male-pattern baldness would drive me nuts.Does that happen if you take transgender hormonal therapy?’nother question: I’ve been told I have a very ‘female’ skeleton. Any ideas on what to do about that?

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Answer by ♫Bisexual Tomboy ☆
well transgender hormal changes your voice to match the gender you changd into

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  1. Hey, I’m a tranny boy, so I know about your concerns with “T” I think it boils down to genetics. Does baldness run in your family? It runs on my mothers side, but not my fathers side. Not sure what that says. Plus some transguys get this squeaky voice on T that to me is so uniquely trans. Some guys sound like any other guy when they take T an their voice deepens. You could always take T for a couple years an then stop. I was considering doing that, just so I’m masculinized, but not to an extent where I’m super masculine. Haven’t decided yet. And once you go off T you’ll stop losing hair, although I heard it’s normal to develop a more male hairline, I actually look forward to that.
    As for your bone structure, the way you dress, an working out can help. Try doing some weightlifting :-}

  2. No it does not change your voice. As an MTF, you grow breasts, your body hair thins out and your male organs stop being functional.

    The FTMs, grow a beard and develop male pattern baldness.

  3. Does baldness occur if you go on T?
    Yeah, at what point in your life is determined by genetics though.

    Will people give you funny looks?
    Sometimes, but they are just jealous.

    Nothing but surgery can change a bone structure. There isn’t (as far as I know) any sort of trans-skeletal surgery. That would be beyond painful and invasive I imagine.

    Some people think their is though. When I got some dental work done (nothing invasive, just some soft tissue repairs), my pal looked at my jay line and went “Yeah, I can see why you got that done. It makes you look way more masculine.” …. oh it was hilarious….

  4. If you are an F2M then hormonal therapy will in time change your voice. It will make you develop body hair and other secondary sexual caracteristics of a male such as body mass, muscles, etc.. It may even cause some lengthing of the clitoris. As to male pattern baldness, this is common but not endemic. A lot depends on your genetics. Is you Dad going bald? His brothers, Your brothers? Grand Parent?

    If you are a M2F then hormones will reduce the incidence of hair loss, may encourage some regrowth, will soften the skin, reduce body hair though not beard. Estrogen will not change the voice in a M2F. Over time breasts will develop, the hair texture may change. Fat will redistribute to a more feminine profile. In time semen production will deminish and you will become sterile possibly permantly. The physical sexual organs will shrink in size and erections will diminish though may still be possible. Brain Chemistry will change dramatically. You will expereince emotions and see things differently.

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