The Perfect Bath Gift for Mom

I was trying to think of a really nice gift to get for my mother. She is the kind of person who really does not need or want anything. She has few hobbies, and she enjoys sitting home and visiting with friends and family who stop over. She also loves to cook, but she has every kitchen gadget known to man. I wanted something special, and I knew I had hit upon it when I looked at a site that carries natural skin care products. I was looking for a lotion for myself, but I thought that perhaps I could find my mom something nice there.

The one thing that my mom does just about every night is soak in her tub for a while. She has a garden tub, and she loves to either relax and listen to classical music or she will take a book in there with her. I looked at the bath bombs that this site sells, and I found quite a few that I thought she would really enjoy. I ended up getting her the lemongrass coconut bath bomb along with the one made with orange and vanilla.

I did not stop there though. I know she loves lemongrass, so I looked at the other products that contain this essential oil. The soap bar that is lemongrass lime was perfect for her. It has a variety of oils in it, and the packaging described it in a way that I knew it would be perfect for my mom. I ordered her that along with another soap bar and the two bath bombs. I am going to throw in a nice bottle of wine, a few romance books, and a new classical CD that I think she will like. It is the perfect bath gift for her, and I have a feeling she is going to love it.

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