I am transgender, that means I’m one of the body but the soul of the?

Question by rememberpenguin : I am transgender, which means I have the body of one but the soul of a ?their feminine. I have taken deuce yr of endocrine pill, but hatred it, I attract woman frock, because I deliberation this transsexual aspect somehow vulgar and cheap. I’m just not pleasurable, in suspender run around. what is your thought on this? Best answer:

Answer by T-Hulk You are now confuse
transsexuality and farce. Transsexuals are those (form you’ve already explained excavation), not their gender identity Lucifer their external genitalia. Transvestites, however, are those which differ in their gender office (usually a man) but feel perfectly well, but find it cool, the dressed that are meant to attract the opposite sex. An elite are also transvestites transsexual, but that’s rare.

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  2. Then let it simply, where is the problem? Just drag this to what you like and what you feel comfortable, whether these are now men’s or women’s clothes.You can not be transgendered (and just wear your own style), without now find their clothes nice??

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