Is there a school for marginalized groups?

Question by holly Doll : Is there an academy for marginalized groups ?Hi!I am a 15 yr old transsexual, and want to ask if there is a school (or boarding) only for gays, lesbian and transgender people are naturally? Best reply: Answer by

I can not envisage – because it would exclude even the excluded more …with his sexuality have to live in tin exist, even if academy is really hard school ne …I was likewise bullied and was then transferred to another school – because we went a lot bettor …Look around ‘Steiner school’ or ‘Waldorf schools’ or thing … there is one principle of liberal and interest in populate

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  1. You’re 15 and expect a school for marginalized groups?Somehow, I elicited a head shake. First, that – for me anyway – not fringe groups. With this statement, you shoot yourself out of play. Few in this age, their sexual orientation or transsexuality safe. This can also be a trial and error. Many will not come out at this age also.

  2. There’s only school for the marginalized sectors of the population with an immigrant background, in Berlin in the districts of Neuk├Âlln and Wedding …

  3. Good idea. And the marginal group of transsexuals then goes to class 8a, 8b are in our Turkish fellow citizens, and placed in the 8c is the young neo-edge group.Think before you ask.

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