Y! C in other countries more tolerant …??! (S. D.)?

Question by Vroun roofing : C Y! in other countries more tolerant …??! (S. D.) .. against transsexuals?We call the category “lesbian, gay and bisexual”In France, “homosexuals, bisexual, trans-genre et” (homosexual, bisexual and transgender)In Argentina, “Homosexualidad, Bisexualidad Transexualidad y” ([…] and transsexuality)In Spain, “Homosexualidad, bisexualidad transexualismo y” (exactly like this …)In Italy, “Lesbians, gay e transgender bisessuali e” (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender)and yet the name can go on forever .. But what I really desire to know is: why is this so? Are we Germans still uptight about transgender populate to accept them as they are? I’ve been looking for a country where under this category is NOTHING approximately transsexuality. Sure, I have not looked at all. But those whose language I understand, are apparently tolerant of all .. or why is that?Sure, I could now count on the category in any case, transsexuals, I’m just wondering, as I’ve seen … Best answer:

Answer by paradoxical (in memory of mini / Karin)
No, these inhibitions are likely to be German, we also now largely beyond. But tolerance has nothing to do likewise, it is simply unnecessary to list every single group. We’re already big and powerful independent thinking, that is, if a transsexual who has a question on the subject, he will have no problems finding the correct category.

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  1. As often, unfortunately, all too YC criticism seems justified – soI can only hard a reservationExplore transsexuality. Even if your examplesshow that it is indeed remarkable that inother languages ​​transsexualism separatelyis listed.YC is too little of how uptight or notWe are stuck in Germany – and if atever again likely to be the problem in the”Sign-to-invoke-sentient-moralizing” lie -Report everything that is not in their narrow world viewfits. And, unfortunately, makes the censorship of Answersthese detectors provide priggish – insteadto halt this drift stop.What is the tolerance and acceptance of transsexualismAs it should – I’ll take on – Europerather small differences give. Up to cath. Countries -tolerance because the sex is known to be rather low.It’s the old sad song: What’s so totally non-known and will appear incomprehensible, fearfulturned and swung the mace of morality.Instead of accepting that there are ways of life,which one may be strange – but stillthe freedom of the unfolding of life of individualsmatch – no matter from what sourcehis “otherness” is.

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