I Have Been Adjusting to College

Obviously it is not like being at home where you have your Mom and Dad taking care of all of the basic things in your life. They give you a place to lay your head and take care of putting food on the table. That is a big deal in fact, you need a place to live and you have to eat. At any rate I found a decent roommate, although the guy is a little bit strange if you ask me. He has been messing with this snapchat hack and he keeps asking me for help with it. Of course once I realized what he wanted to do I thought it was really creepy. He does not seem to have any self awareness in this matter, but otherwise he seems to be okay. The girl he is obsessed with does not seem to know he exists and it is strange to me, because there are literally girls everywhere here on the campus and all around the place.

I have been getting to know dozens of girls without putting in much effort, starting out real easy. You introduce yourself and you get to know them, if things work out then that is fine and if it does not, well there must be around five thousand girls here. Now a bunch of them have boyfriends or even husbands, but that leaves a ton of girls and it does not make any sense to get completely obsessed with just one. In particular you should let her know that you exist and maybe that you would have some interest. However I really do not think this would be much of an issue then. This girl is dating a huge guy who plays strong safety for the football team and he seems like the kind of guy you’d better leave alone.

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