query of baw816 : What should I do for my somebody transgender belated Christmas bequest A mortal of mine, and neighbor presents our New Year’s organisation (as usual, since it has to do the greatest life area) where we replace our late Christmas gift to each other. This New Year’s organization is offer, as we celebrate the happening of their life as a full-of-the-moon clip transgender eve and departure to their friend from the transgender Community.Meine friend and I are very happy for them. We have done some research on the LGBT parish, we learned that while some peoples are transgender, they do not necessarily identify as that. But our somebody has established a strong transgender individuality. So, my friend and I neediness to her gift that aid her celebrate and continue to embracement their transgender individuality w├╝rde.Wir are just not really sure what they return this twelvemonth. ? Any suggestion Best Answer:

response by Olga Cojulun
Just get her what you’d to get a girlfriend, I mean just because she is not transgender, that they now really of a real woman ?

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