question of baw816 : What should I do for my friend transgender belated Christmas gift A friend of mine, and neighbors presents our New Year’s party (as usual, since it has to do the greatest living room) where we replace our late Christmas gifts to each other. This New Year’s party is special, as we celebrate the beginning of their living as a full time transgender woman and going to their friends from the transgender Community.Meine friends and I are very happy for them. We have done some research on the LGBT community, we learned that while some people are transgender, they do not necessarily identify as that. But our friend has established a strong transgender identity. So, my friends and I want to her gifts that help her celebrate and continue to embrace their transgender identity w├╝rde.Wir are just not really sure what they get this year. ? Any suggestions Best Answer:

answer Reef
A bottle of wine is always nice. Chicks delve wine. Guys dig beer. Then you could bring someone else some beautiful crystal wine glasses, chicks like the things. Perhaps a silk cloth which are always classic.

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