We Are Getting the House of Our Dreams

My husband and I had looked for a very long time for our dream home. It was actually getting disheartening when we would look at yet another house and find so many reasons why we did not want to buy it. We started juggling around some ideas several months ago about just buying property and having our home built. We knew that we would be able to find a competent builder along with a level 2 electrician, a plumber and all the other people that would be necessary to make this a dream come true.

We were able to find the property that we wanted to buy rather quickly, and we knew that we would have no problem finding a builder that could give us the dream house we had been looking for. Before we made the purchase though, we wanted to talk with a level 2 electrician as well as a plumber to make sure that we would have no problem with getting power to the house as well as sewage. Nothing had ever been built on this land before, as it had just been cleared of dozens of trees prior to it being up for sale.

We decided to contact a level 2 electrician first. My husband went online and was able to find one who would be able to consult with us about this at M1 & CO Electrical. The electrician was able to come out and survey the area, and he determined that it would be slightly costly but it could be done. He gave us an estimate, and we were both really surprised with how reasonable it was. After talking with a plumber and a construction company, we knew that we were going to move forward in this direction. We are finally getting the house of our dreams!

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