Tree Limbs Kept Falling in His Yard

My neighbor and I get along okay enough but we are definitely not friends. He is the type of guy to call me every time something happens that he construes as my fault. I don’t mind this because he is an elderly widow who has served our country for decades, so I feel it is the least I can do to respond to what he tells me. He is reasonable, which helps too. When he told me that more limbs had fallen into his yard after a storm, I figured it was time to contact a Queens tree service to just cut the tree down.

We get a fair amount of rain here, and sometimes storms can be pretty wicked. When that happens, I usually end up getting a call about a lot of tree limbs in his yard. I will go and collect them, and that is the end of it. I was getting tired of hauling limbs out of his yard though, and I had no sentimental attachment to the tree. I figured it was just the right time to have it cut down. It would give me some free space in my yard to do some more landscaping too, which motivated me even more.

I contacted the tree service and asked them what it would cost. They could not give me a quote over the phone, but that was understandable since they had no idea just what kind of job it was without seeing it in person. I was happy that when they did see it, the price was even lower than what I figured it might be. It only took them a few hours to cut the tree down and grind the stump, and they even picked up all the loose twigs and limbs from the ground in my yard as well as my neighbor’s place. The funny thing is, now that the tree is gone, my neighbor and I get along better than ever.

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