Transgender in the two major monotheistic religions (Christianity / Islam)?

Question by RicciHouse : Transgender in the 2 winner monotheistic religion (Christianity / Islam) So when deuce religious grouping, the opinion tour on homosexuality so Interahamwe auseinander.Einmal there are Modern initiate world views, but there’re still places in the II religious group of peoples whose opinion it is for others more than Medieval erscheinen.Als reason for this opinion, then halt angegeben.Nun the particular book (the Bible / Koran) interests me above all as the opinion of those WHO is transgender, which is in the country of ​​homoeroticism so much swear on their various authority, there are as in the authority comprise a subdivision that regulates the or how it looks.@ Eagle Lord: but the inquiry notwithstanding arises of what God’s program for someone who is borne in the incorrect body feelsRalf @ E: But it turns then but the enquiry to what stage this accusal would be warranted, one thinks not only so that one is borne in the incorrect body.And when the peoples you know who are purportedly got rid of their queerness, were the genuinely cheery or is it BI (I will not nowadays be capable to reply)@ The fact about lost Best response: Answer by

it will amazement you, in Islam, this subject is always treated fairly loose, at matter in IT Shia variance. it was in Iran evening by a ruling clarifying the first grand ayatollahs Khomeini legalized feminine shift, both the abortifacient readying, as excavation as the final activity.hands WHO decide to go this manner, woman are then eventually full-of-the-moon-fledged (if the return islam at all woman of full-of-the-moon equivalence in), likewise technically religion, so they must deterioration veils after complete transition, simple can that be, if that is not wonderful is the modern, then I do not knowcx

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  1. Even though I probably just for you to “medieval” group belong – my belief and experience is that there are people better able to go, the more they are more with their life in God’s plan. This applies to all other areas of life. And it has nothing to do with legality or backwardness, but with quality of life – even if it probably is not comprehensible to everyone.”Modern” and “enlightened” also are not values ​​in themselves, even though many believe.

  2. In addition to Lord Eagle:The time of the Bible, there were no kinetic transgender surgery and hormone treatments, so there may not even stand on this issue.In Psalm 139, 14 is “I thank thee that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, marvelous are thy works;. That recognizes my soul”So if I that I live in the wrong body, I throw in front of God, that he was not really me. has not made “wonderful”. So I stand with my opinion of him as a creator.So I read from the Bible had a “no” on the subject of transgender. However, I would include all non-medically necessary cosmetic surgery with.Incidentally, I know some people who got rid of their homosexuality after they became Christians. These are now happily married and have kids.@ Truth:Unfortunately we have only one in the German word for love.In Greek, the language of the New Testament, there are three words:agape: unconditional, self-giving love, the love between God and manphilia: the sibling love, deep Freundchafteros: the sexually oriented, erotic loveIf we had the Germans, we had it easier. Philia between man and man or between woman and woman is perfectly normal, even desirable.Eros is the relationship of God to man – reserved woman in the shelter of marriage. And there she has a special blessing.

  3. Homosexuality in an enlightened world, Why?Everybody knows that the reproduction only between husband and wife work, so homosexuality is only because of the SEXES because more and it will not do.It is wonderful that a man loves a man or a woman a woman, but when it comes to sex even when it simply stops.I have nothing against these people, but something about their actions. I am going with this man wants to have some away or drink coffee and eat cake with you.You know what I think of sex between same sex and not the reasons they know it.And I understand with them as best if I’m honest and say it well and do not force me to affirm something which is repugnant to me and also contradicts my faith.The human being is more important to me in this matter, but I do not agree with his actions.* ¨)¸. • ‘¸. • *’ ¨) ¸. • * ¨)(¸. • ‘(¸. • • `The Truth. ¸ ¸. •

  4. Transgender is neither the Bible nor the Koran nor in the teaching tradition of Christians or Muslims.It is a phenomenon that is only in recent times attracted serious attention (even though it has always existed).

  5. One should understand the Bible or the Koran, symbols and not literally.The message is important ..And so, yes I said yes to homosexual.Or transgender, or abortion.Man is born FREE, and we must all respect that.”Love your neighbor as yourself”Many times, the Christians can not understand this ………….I believe God takes into consideration, the heart has a man and not know who makes sex.Love is the thing.The Bible is written.”People only see what is before his eyes. But I see the heart.”So …….. God knows all. And the homosexual or transgender should know that God loves them just like any other human being.Point. :)Agape has everything in it.The Eros is a part of Agape, and not separately.In the Bible there is a poem …. the great song. This is highly erotic.Eros is one of them.Everything else is just fundamentalism and discrimination.

  6. What CreamcheeseX has said that Islam is not the issue out of the way, is perfectly correct. I would add, however, that this is not just for the Shia variant, but also applies to the Sunni. There is a fatwa issued by the Office of the Egyptian Fatwa Mufti Sheikh Jad now deceased (Mufti of 1978-1982), in which he allowed gender reassignment, if necessary, a doctor said. This means that the respective features of the desired target sex sex must be determined by your doctor.

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