Top Drug Lawyer Firms in New York

It seems like when it rains, it pours. At least, that has been the general feeling among members of my family as of late. There have been a series of events, each of which has been, at least seemingly, more unfortunate than the last. I don’t want to get into all of the details, because of course, that would likely take ages. Rather, I will cut to the chase and go ahead and say I am trying to find a drug lawyer in Albany NY that I can hire. I would really like to find one of the top lawyer firms for this type of criminal offense, so long as it does not become prohibitively expensive to hire the very best.

My brother has gotten himself into a bad situation, and I really did not think that something like this would happen to him. When he was younger, he really seemed like he was going to go far in life. But he has cast that all into doubt with his recent trouble with the law, and the fact that it is a drug offense in particular. It seems that he was caught with some sort of prescription opiate medication on him. I guess that I should not be too surprised, given that the whole country seems to be struggling with opiate problems at the moment, but it still comes as more than a bit shocking.

The main reason why I want to make sure that he gets a good lawyer, is that, if he gets convicted of this type of crime, then it is going to make it a lot harder to get into college, and he is set to graduate from high school in a little less than a year. I have been my brother’s guardian ever since our parents passed away a few years ago.

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