The Wedding Date is Set Now

Of course we had to make a lot of decisions before we were ready to decide what date the wedding was going to be. As a man and as a person who is going to pay for a lot of this, I honestly would prefer something much less costly. For example when you go out and get wedding invitations, that is a really big deal. Each and every one of those people is not just a person, they are a mouth that you are going to feed and you have to figure out what that really means. Obviously you could make the wedding a lot like a cook out, and feed the guests on hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, potato salad and frozen french fries. In my opinion that would be just fine and dandy, but no one really asks me what I think. Actually they do, but it is all just a courtesy and in reality they go on about the business as though I had nothing to say.

Instead we are thinking something like prime rib. I figure that probably means that each plate is going to cost in the neighborhood of sixty five dollars, or at least something like that. If you went with the cook out motif, the cost of feeding four or five people would likely be that much, although not if you had a good caterer doing the burgers and dogs. At any rate if you have one hundred guests, then it is very easy to do that math on the cost of feeding them. I expect right now that we are looking at between ninety and one hundred and twenty guests. At least we expect that a good number of them will not actually show up. I did veto open bars, that always leads to chaos in my experience.

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