The Older Crowd Still Believes in Magic

At the retirement home where I work, I planned a gathering so all of the residents could have some fun. Originally I planned for a stand up comedian to perform, but he became sick with the stomach flu and couldn’t make it. I replaced the comedian with a magician from and things turned out better than I expected. While the comedian probably would have put on a funny show if he had not been sick, the magician was pretty funny in his own right, and he amazed the residents with his magic tricks.

The magician was pretty good at working the crowd and putting a smile on everyone’s faces while he performed tricks. The residents really warmed up to him and I think some of them had a crush on him. Some of the residents said that he reminded them of their grandchildren, which I’ve gotten a few times. Whenever the magician made something disappear and reappear in a different location, the residents really got a kick out of it. Everyone wanted to be apart of the magic act when the magician called for a volunteer. Somehow he was able to get everyone in the room involved in a trick.

Although everyone was having a fun time, it had to come to an end. The residents loved the magician so much that they wanted him to come back soon and entertain them again. It would probably be hard to make the magician come back every day, but I could probably book him every couple of weeks to perform for the residents. If I had known that the residents were so keen on magic tricks, I would have learned some before I first started working at the retirement home. It would have made my first few days on the job a lot easier.

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