Real Eyelashes Beat the Fake Ones Hands Down

I saw a girl on a TV show my brother was watching. For some reason, I am just not that into TV. However, he waits for the new season of this show to come out. I caught a glimpse of the girl arguing with another player in the TV show that is centered around a bunch of people holed up in a house together for three months. I could see that she had fake eyelashes on. I was thinking how she might benefit from using bimatoprost. It is a drug that is prescribed for treating glaucoma, but has a side effect of making your eyelashes grow longer, fuller and thicker.

Sure, you should ask your doctor if it is okay for you to use it for that purpose if you do not have glaucoma. But if you get the go ahead, then it can work to make your eyelashes look better. Plus, they will be real. Those fake ones, like the girl on that reality TV show was wearing, are blatantly obvious. I have thick eyelashes naturally due to genetics. My best friend does not, and she is always commenting how she wishes she had eyelashes like mine. That is how I discovered bimatoprost. I was looking up things that can be done to make your eyelashes grow.

You can buy the preparation online, but since it is going to be used on your eyes, it is good to ask your doctor first. Plus, you want to buy things used on your eyes that are sterile and okayed for such purposes. You know how sensitive eye tissue can be. A little speck of something can cause massive tear flow as well as redness and burning. The girl on TV was shown in another segment without her fake eyelashes. She looked like a different person. Full eyelashes definitely improved the look of her eyes and face overall. It is amazing to me how much thick and full eyelashes can change your look.

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