People Are Still Talking About the Party

I was tired of dull corporate parties. I have been to too many of them, and I vowed that I would not put my employees through that anymore. I did not make this decision until I had seen an advertisement for mix and mingle entertainments, and I was instantly smitten with the idea. I went to the website to learn more, and I was amazed at the different ways that these acts can break the ice. One of the reasons why so many parties like this are dull is because so many people don’t know everyone else.

When it is a small intimate event, that is different. People know just about everyone there, and the conversation is enough to keep the party going. When there are so many people who don’t really know a lot of the others in attendance, it becomes a different story. I looked at the different acts, and I knew I was going to have a hard time picking the two or three I wanted. I knew that I would end up using them all at future parties, but it was still difficult to narrow it done to just two or three this first time.

I really liked the acrobatic pixies. There was just something so intriguing about them, and the video I watched left me wanting more. I decided I was going to have them be the first act. When I saw that there were living statues too, I knew that I was going to have them at this first event. I had seen videos of different ones, and these people who perform as statues deserve awards, they are that good! I decided that the last one was going to be magicians who would go from table to table and entertain the guests that way. I guess I picked good because people are still talking about the party, and it was months ago!

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