What happens if you check on a transgender dorm / roommate application?

question of Brooklyn : What happens when you one on transgender dorm / roommate to check application I am a biological man, but I dress, look and act like a girl, plus I plan to start hormone replacement therapy (HRT). When I check transgender, instead of male or female, they will take me with another girl or a guy with me? Thanks Best Answer.

response from Noah You could even set

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What is the difference between transexual transvestites and transsexuals?

question of zombie Freax : What is the difference between transexual transvestites and transsexuals Like what is the difference between transsexuals, transvestites and transsexuals Best Answer:

response from ☃
Transexual and transgendered are crossdressers and transvestites are dasselbeUnd. Those who do it for fun / sexual pleasure. etcetc

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Do transgender men and women have the same feeling during sex that a natural man and women feels?

Question by Scuby: Do transgender men and women have the same feeling during sex that a natural man and women feels?
I heard they add a penis to transgender males and take of their breasts,so do they get erections and do they get sensation and can they ejaculate.And do transgender womenexperiencee breastorgasmm and vaginalorgasmm.I also heard they get assigned a clitoris,so do they feel anything.

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Answer by Spooky – Gender Anarchist
Transsexuals do have some sexual sensitivity, but it varies from person to person. Transmen who have had phalloplasty still have clitoral sensation to achieve sexual satisfaction. Transwomen also still have sexual stimulation of the prostate to aid them. Surgery is a tricky thing however, as it can cause steeling damage, completely deadening sensation in the genitals.

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Can a transgender men have intercourse like normal women can?

Question by happy: Can a transgender men have intercourse like normal women can?
I was just wondering, this was just brought up in my Anatomy and Physiology class and they had a debate over that transgender men can have vaginal intercourse just similar normal women can and the other half of the classified said they can’t. I just want to know who’s right and who’s wrong. No haters okay?

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Answer by quickcraze
Yes transgender men can. All the nerves that cause culminated are surgically placed just so they can & it is much easier to create an inner cavity for a penis to enter in a male body. However it is not the same for transgender women. They can climax but the penis created is usually very small. I have a Male to Female cousin who just went through this. The same questions came up when she told me about having it done.

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What does transgender hormonal therapy do to you?

Question by DG: What does transgender hormonal therapy do to you?
I am not a girl. However, the ‘best thing’ about being stuck as a girl is the long hair and nobody looks at me sideways about it, and there’s no worry about male-pattern baldness.The weird side-looks, I can deal with. The male-pattern baldness would drive me nuts.Does that happen if you take transgender hormonal therapy?’nother question: I’ve been told I have a very ‘female’ skeleton. Any ideas on what to do about that?

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Answer by ♫Bisexual Tomboy ☆
well transgender hormal changes your voice to match the gender you changd into

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What kinds of the transgender identities are presented in Stone Butch Blues?

Question by Alexzzzzzz: What sort of the transgender identity are presented in Stone Butch Blues?
What kinds of the transgender identities are presented in Stone Butch Blues?How do gender, sexuality and biological sex tinned be related to signifier varying transgender individuality?

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Answer by J R
Namely female-to-sire. It is a narration of Jess Goldberg’s ghetto, WHO is a butch lesbian WHO touted with the idea of transitioning and even took male hormone. She stopped her transition, but roughly effectuated sort a permanently deepened uttered remained. She essentially lived as a genderqueer ever since.

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Is there a school for marginalized groups?

Question by holly Doll : Is there an academy for marginalized groups ?Hi!I am a 15 yr old transsexual, and want to ask if there is a school (or boarding) only for gays, lesbian and transgender people are naturally? Best reply: Answer by

I can not envisage – because it would exclude even the excluded more …with his sexuality have to live in tin exist, even if academy is really hard school ne …I was likewise bullied and was then transferred to another school – because we went a lot bettor …Look around ‘Steiner school’ or ‘Waldorf schools’ or thing … there is one principle of liberal and interest in populate

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Y! C in other countries more tolerant …??! (S. D.)?

Question by Vroun roofing : C Y! in other countries more tolerant …??! (S. D.) .. against transsexuals?We call the category “lesbian, gay and bisexual”In France, “homosexuals, bisexual, trans-genre et” (homosexual, bisexual and transgender)In Argentina, “Homosexualidad, Bisexualidad Transexualidad y” ([…] and transsexuality)In Spain, “Homosexualidad, bisexualidad transexualismo y” (exactly like this …)In Italy, “Lesbians, gay e transgender bisessuali e” (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender)and yet the name can go on forever .. But what I really desire to know is: why is this so? Are we Germans still uptight about transgender populate to accept them as they are? I’ve been looking for a country where under this category is NOTHING approximately transsexuality. Sure, I have not looked at all. But those whose language I understand, are apparently tolerant of all .. or why is that?Sure, I could now count on the category in any case, transsexuals, I’m just wondering, as I’ve seen … Best answer:

Answer by paradoxical (in memory of mini / Karin)
No, these inhibitions are likely to be German, we also now largely beyond. But tolerance has nothing to do likewise, it is simply unnecessary to list every single group. We’re already big and powerful independent thinking, that is, if a transsexual who has a question on the subject, he will have no problems finding the correct category.

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And the transgendered?

Question by morphology Bousculaire : And the transgender ?I knowing that this subdivision of YC as an unit is not used much, but I noticed that location, in opposition to YC France, England and USA (the others I remember not), just opportunity “Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals” and not “lesbian, homosexual, bisexuals and transgenders.” Why is that? There’s not here about transgender people? Is Transgendertum in Germany still too unknown? Or that would be just too long? (Lol nee’d really dullard … “homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender” is now not remarkably longer than the juice rubric)’m Even “just” a lesbian, but have several friends of both sexes who are openly used to be transgender.emka:Trans = through. Between words “inter”. So what do you think are intersexed. Had themselves long decent Latin to know that ;-)Transgender people are not hermaphrodites but simply people who do not feel comfortable in their bodies than manpower / women, but usually not at all or only portion way tin operate.To learn more about transgender peoples:http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transgender Best response: Answer by

The greatest capacity experienced these people in Thailand.Many vocation are clear to them without favoritism.

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Travel agency for transgender? “?

Question by the_tall_boss : traveling authority for transgender ?“?Are there any ayah travel agencies who specialize in transgender? Best reply: Answer by

Jap there, I’ve just found:)”Travelforgay.com is the only web portal, where you tin discovery the homosexual men (tribade, sunny, Bisexual and Transgender) retainer and gay-friendly hotel.”Try it there!

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SEARCH BOOK: about transgender, transsexuality?

Question by Loving : SEARCH BOOK: theme for transgender, transsexual ?hi!desperately quest an authority, where this topic packed in an authority are: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal:Transgender, _Transsexualit% C3% A4t_und_Geschlechtervielfalt Best reply:

Answer by flower power has the winter blues I tin
unfortunately you recommend a specific book, for lack of familiarization in the field.But you have the AMAZON connected below purely copied – because you can flush browse and see which book comes folded to the sought – lG! What do you think? Answer below!

Transgender in the two major monotheistic religions (Christianity / Islam)?

Question by RicciHouse : Transgender in the 2 winner monotheistic religion (Christianity / Islam) So when deuce religious grouping, the opinion tour on homosexuality so Interahamwe auseinander.Einmal there are Modern initiate world views, but there’re still places in the II religious group of peoples whose opinion it is for others more than Medieval erscheinen.Als reason for this opinion, then halt angegeben.Nun the particular book (the Bible / Koran) interests me above all as the opinion of those WHO is transgender, which is in the country of ​​homoeroticism so much swear on their various authority, there are as in the authority comprise a subdivision that regulates the or how it looks.@ Eagle Lord: but the inquiry notwithstanding arises of what God’s program for someone who is borne in the incorrect body feelsRalf @ E: But it turns then but the enquiry to what stage this accusal would be warranted, one thinks not only so that one is borne in the incorrect body.And when the peoples you know who are purportedly got rid of their queerness, were the genuinely cheery or is it BI (I will not nowadays be capable to reply)@ The fact about lost Best response: Answer by

it will amazement you, in Islam, this subject is always treated fairly loose, at matter in IT Shia variance. it was in Iran evening by a ruling clarifying the first grand ayatollahs Khomeini legalized feminine shift, both the abortifacient readying, as excavation as the final activity.hands WHO decide to go this manner, woman are then eventually full-of-the-moon-fledged (if the return islam at all woman of full-of-the-moon equivalence in), likewise technically religion, so they must deterioration veils after complete transition, etc.so simple can that be, if that is not wonderful is the modern, then I do not knowcx

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I am transgender, that means I’m one of the body but the soul of the?

Question by rememberpenguin : I am transgender, which means I have the body of one but the soul of a ?their feminine. I have taken deuce yr of endocrine pill, but hatred it, I attract woman frock, because I deliberation this transsexual aspect somehow vulgar and cheap. I’m just not pleasurable, in suspender run around. what is your thought on this? Best answer:

Answer by T-Hulk You are now confuse
transsexuality and farce. Transsexuals are those (form you’ve already explained excavation), not their gender identity Lucifer their external genitalia. Transvestites, however, are those which differ in their gender office (usually a man) but feel perfectly well, but find it cool, the dressed that are meant to attract the opposite sex. An elite are also transvestites transsexual, but that’s rare.

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