My Friend is Obsessed with Her Breast Size

I was pretty amused by this stuff at first, but after a bit I realized this girl was really obsessed with the size of her breasts and it was sort of dangerous. She found this stuff called Total Curve on the web, and you can find a lot of reviews there, but it is doubtful as to whether or not a sane person should trust what they find on the web, especially if there is money that can be made from the thing that is being reviewed. At any rate there is a lot of stuff like this, the same way that they have all sorts of weird things that deal with that part of the male anatomy that men obsess with. At any rate you can find both creams and pills that are supposed to do this. This stuff involves both of these delivery systems and they call it a two stage system. If one does not work then maybe the other one will.

At any rate I got to thinking about this commercial that I saw on TV, it was one of those things that you see where they want people to join lawsuits. The reason was that there was this drug that was supposed to treat mental illnesses, but which the drug maker had talked doctors into prescribing for all sorts of random things. It was not like I was surprised by that, but I remembered the side effect. It made breasts larger, but the people who got them were boys and young men. So obviously they would be less happy about than members of the other gender would be. However it makes you think, that if you can accidentally do this to men, then perhaps you could get the same result in women if you tried hard enough.

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