My Eyelashes Were So Thin

I used to have extremely thin eyelashes. They were so thin that even when I lost just a couple, it was devastating to me. Yes, I know there are worse tragedies in the world, but this was just something personal to me that really bothered me. I tried all different kinds of mascara. While some of them did make my lashes thicker, they just did not look good with so much makeup caked onto them. I tried fake eyelashes too, but it was obvious they were not real. I thought things were hopeless until I heard about careprost.

I thought at first that this was just another mascara type application, where I would apply something to my eyelashes and they would supposedly look thick and beautiful. However, I did research it further, because I was feeling particularly bad that day about how I looked. I am so glad I was having a blue kind of day because it led me right to careprost, which is actually an eye drop. There was a long explanation on the site on how and why it works, but I was not interested in that. I never did have the mind for science and facts like that!

I did read about how to apply it though along with what would happen if I would accidentally get some in my eyes since it is to be applied directly to the lashes themselves. There is no danger, because the original purpose was to help people with a certain eye condition. I also read that this is something that has to be kept up because if the routine is stopped, then the eyelashes will not remain thick and long. I did not mind having to add this to my daily routine at all, especially after seeing the thick results pretty fast!

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