I Just Moved out of the Dorms

I knew the guy who told me about the house, he and I were in a couple of classes together since we are both computer science majors. At any rate I was trying to find a roommate for awhile, but I have been cautious about it since I know that can go badly if you are not careful about this. At any rate the first day I got there one of the guys wanted me to help him with this instagram hack. I did not really understand the purpose of this to be honest, but after a little I realized that he was more or less obsessed with this girl in one of his classes and she had a private instagram account. I honestly did not believe that there would be this sort of program that was openly available on the web. It seemed to me like it should be against the law to hack people’s social media accounts. I suspect it may be legal to sell the software, but not legal to use it.

At any rate I did not want to get started on the wrong foot with one of my new roommates, but at the same time I was certainly not interested in helping him to do anything that may not have been legal. It took me a moment or two, but then I told him that I was going to have to go see this girl, although that was not really true. It turned out that the guy who had told me about this place overheard and he told him the truth. He said that no one was going to help him with that because it was a silly thing to do and there was some tiny chance that you might get caught. Obviously I am going to do stuff like if there is some motivation for me, which I could not imagine.

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