How do you get facial Hair to grow when your transgender?

Question by : How do you get skincare Hair to grow when your transgender?
If your a transgender individual FtM without pickings endocrine how do you return skincare coat to grow. Shaving does not wash ive tried it so many time.

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  1. For hair follicles to grow, it needs a signal. Your body naturally does this by producing hormones such as androgens. To naturally increase androgens, you can take supplements (non-hormonal) and do a lot of weight lifting.

  2. Maybe try some herbs? But other than shaving and seeing a doctor about it, I have no idea. i did find this link though…

    Good luck, hope you find a solution!

  3. you should use products that help hair grow like rogain. then just put a little on your chin or where ever. i used it b4 and it helps.

    just out of curiosity, are you transfoming from man to woman or woman to man??

  4. There are three kinds of hair on the human body; vellous hair, which is the ‘default’ fine, soft and usually transparent hair that appears all over the body, and two types of terminal hair; asexual terminal hair, which is longer, coarser and usually pigmented, and appears on the scalp, and (after puberty) in the underarms, pubic area, legs and (sometimes) arms on everyone, and androgenic terminal hair which is longer, tougher and darker than either of the above, and occurs when hair follicles are acted upon by testosterone; this is what appears on the face, chest, abdomen and arms of men.

    The ONLY way to cause vellous hair to become terminal hair is by exposing the follicles to testosterone; if you don’t have testes, an androgen-producing tumour, or PCOS, you won’t develop it in any significant amount.
    And, contrary to popular myth, shaving has NO effect on the growth pattern of any kind of hair; it WON’T grow back thicker if you shave it off.

    Once a follicle becomes terminal, it doesn’t change back; which means, once you start growing facial hair, it won’t go away; it’s permament. The only way to remove terminal hair, once it develops, is by destroying the follicle, by electrolysis or Laser treatment.

    If you are a transsexual man, and want to develop permanent facial and/or body hair, ask your gender specialist or endocrinologist to prescribe testosterone for you; nothing else will do it. Don’t waste your money on ‘herbal’ preparations; they don’t work.

    If you’re ‘transgender’, and only want facial hair temporarily, buy a false beard.

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