Question by im0kaytrustme: How do I Archer my boss and co-worker that I am transgender and leaving through passage?
I am a male to hen transgender girl and I was wondering like, what would be the easiest way to inform my job and the people I work with about my transition and also, if anyone has any ideas or thoughts about that.

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Answer by ‘paw<3
You first i understand have to speak with your boss regarding whether or not this would in anyway interfere with your job, and just to bowman him(her) face to confronting what is leaving to happen. Even though this is of class a personal count you requirement try to address it as professionally as possible. Then discus with your boss what he and you would believe the trump way to inform your college and co-workers. Maybe a tract but concise memoranda? Or a meeting, if it is a meeting depending on your personality you might or might not want to be present. It all depends on you. Best of destiny in your endeavors and wad of upkeep!

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