Helping a Young Relative with Confidence by Buying Instagram Followers

A young relative was feeling a little down about the pictures she was taking and posting on Instagram. Another girl in her school was very narcissistic and mean. They both were in the same photography class, and the other girl was being a bully. She told my relative that her pictures were so bad that she could not even get more followers on Instagram. Well, the other girl already had an established Instagram, and my relative did not. I figured I would buy Instagram followers to give her account a boost to put the other girl in her place. Neither of them knew you could do something like that.

Well, buying the Instagram followers actually got my relative’s pictures she was posting promoted because she was getting so many followers. Then people everywhere were seeing her photography skills and liking what she was posting and started to follow her account. It worked out pretty good. The bought followers only helped get her stuff noticed by people who really did like what she was doing. Such is the quirks of social media. It was a big deal to her, and I liked seeing the smile on her face as her followers kept on increasing. She is still growing her followers long after I decided to buy Instagram followers for her.

The bully girl really does not have anything to say to her now. I don’t expect they will ever be friends as they are distinctly different personalities. That other girl really is mean. I read some of her social media comments. It was nice that she could be put in her place so easily using the social media she likes to show off like she is some kind of star. Teenager issues will continue to evolve as technology does, but the behaviors seem to be consistent across the generations.

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