Front of the Listings with Numbers

I remember before we had the internet and we all used to go online to look at the different phone directories we used to have phone books. There were a lot of times when I would look at the different business listings and wonder why they had a lot of AAA in their names before they actually said their name and I realized it was before they were at the front of the listings. It made a lot of sense and I also realized that 24hr locksmith Brisbane would also be sure to get to the front of the listings in alpha order because it started with a number. The lower the number in the front of the name, the higher it would get to the top of the list. I thought that this was a genius way to make sure people called you first, if you were at the front of the listings they may call you first.

My daughter will never have an idea as to why we would notice things like this when she will only have to look online for a phone number. I think that there are a lot of people that want to make sure that their business is at the top of any list that they can find. The best part of the entire thing is that people can always come up with an inventive way to get their business to the top. Today the business model totally has to change in order to reflect the technology that we have. I thought that it was terrible that people were going to have to think of new ways to get their business needs met but it encourages them to think out of the box and that is a very important thing in today’s world.

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