Question by Scuby: Do transgender men and women have the same feeling during sex that a natural man and women feels?
I heard they add a penis to transgender males and take of their breasts,so do they get erections and do they get sensation and can they ejaculate.And do transgender womenexperiencee breastorgasmm and vaginalorgasmm.I also heard they get assigned a clitoris,so do they feel anything.

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Answer by Spooky – Gender Anarchist
Transsexuals do have some sexual sensitivity, but it varies from person to person. Transmen who have had phalloplasty still have clitoral sensation to achieve sexual satisfaction. Transwomen also still have sexual stimulation of the prostate to aid them. Surgery is a tricky thing however, as it can cause steeling damage, completely deadening sensation in the genitals.

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