The Older Crowd Still Believes in Magic

At the retirement home where I work, I planned a gathering so all of the residents could have some fun. Originally I planned for a stand up comedian to perform, but he became sick with the stomach flu and couldn’t make it. I replaced the comedian with a magician from and things turned out better than I expected. While… More →

A Great Site for Skincare Gifts

I am the type of person who loves to buy gifts for people who are important to me. I don’t just pick something off a shelf either. I know these people really well, so I know what they would like as far as a birthday or Christmas gift. There are only a handful of shops that I will go to… More →

Waterlilies and Company: Non-toxic Products

Here at Waterlilies and Company ( we have all kinds of products for you that are Eco-friendly and all-natural products. The products we offer are all made by Canadian companies that use only non-toxic ingredients. The products we have only make it on to our website after they have been thoroughly evaluated to make sure they meet our highest standards.… More →

Tree Limbs Kept Falling in His Yard

My neighbor and I get along okay enough but we are definitely not friends. He is the type of guy to call me every time something happens that he construes as my fault. I don’t mind this because he is an elderly widow who has served our country for decades, so I feel it is the least I can do… More →

They Helped Me with My Diseased Tree

When I first contacted a Long Island tree removal and pruning company, it was just to get some information. I wanted to find out how much it would cost to get a tree pruned, but they were unable to give me the price over the phone. Once they explained it was because there are so many variables involved and they… More →

My Eyelashes Were So Thin

I used to have extremely thin eyelashes. They were so thin that even when I lost just a couple, it was devastating to me. Yes, I know there are worse tragedies in the world, but this was just something personal to me that really bothered me. I tried all different kinds of mascara. While some of them did make my… More →