And the transgendered?

Question by morphology Bousculaire : And the transgender ?I knowing that this subdivision of YC as an unit is not used much, but I noticed that location, in opposition to YC France, England and USA (the others I remember not), just opportunity “Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals” and not “lesbian, homosexual, bisexuals and transgenders.” Why is that? There’s not here about transgender people? Is Transgendertum in Germany still too unknown? Or that would be just too long? (Lol nee’d really dullard … “homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender” is now not remarkably longer than the juice rubric)’m Even “just” a lesbian, but have several friends of both sexes who are openly used to be transgender.emka:Trans = through. Between words “inter”. So what do you think are intersexed. Had themselves long decent Latin to know that ;-)Transgender people are not hermaphrodites but simply people who do not feel comfortable in their bodies than manpower / women, but usually not at all or only portion way tin operate.To learn more about transgender peoples: Best response: Answer by

The greatest capacity experienced these people in Thailand.Many vocation are clear to them without favoritism.

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  1. Transgender – Trans women, trans and intersex men – have to fight for their space only. Not everyone can or will simply be assigned only to one side, knowing full well that the creation of a larger capacity than the person is willing to akzeptieren.Vor years ago I heard that an American scientist in his attempts to define family came to the number 76 .

  2. Between two sexes? That is translated namely transgendered people. Take maybe the better known Variante.Menschen with two of my primary sexual organs are called hermaphrodites or hermaphrodites after knowledge. Not everything that comes from neo-anglistik is really new, mostly with ner other Atitüde a HIGH verpackt.Ansonsten to ALL people who have learned to stand up for themselves.An anatomy: Excuse my misinterpretation, my Latin teacher turns in his grave, LOL.The question remains: why not in German?

  3. Too short: “Transgender”Although now used almost exclusively as a generic term, or as a (self-) designation for people who do not want to commit to any of the above narrower categories, the term transgender in the 1970s by Virginia Price coined in the U.S. to a very to describe certain group, namely those people who wanted to change but the social gender role completely, but no surgical intervention, and in particular no genitalangleichenden interventions strove (and often rejected them in general).Since the term transgender since the 1980s increasingly as a gender-political umbrella term was used (same time and coherent with the replacement of women’s studies (Women’s Studies) by Gender Studies), sat down in the U.S. for the first group, the term transgenderist. This grouping is in Europe, hardly or not at all represented. Its use as a specifically non-transsexual full sex splicer is mainly still in the field of medicine, in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) between the formal diagnoses GID (“Gender Identity Disorder” for transsexuality) and GIDNOS ( “Gender Identity Disorder Not Otherwise Specified” for transgender is different), but also in non-medical field still to be found.For details, see Wikipedia:

  4. I think the name of this whole category of the series after “disabled”, “lesbian, gay, bisexual,” “Seniors” and listed “other” is chosen to be very unhappy. Fifty years ago, there’s “women” been there as a category. At that time would have been but for the category “lesbian, gay and bisexual” forbidden determined.Ergo: Unfortunately, not all life forms are present, but time will! It is what changes in society, but unfortunately only slowly …Greetings

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