A Locked Safe with No Keys

I wanted to find a cheap locksmith in Brisbane so I did the only thing I knew to do. I went online and did a search with those keywords. I am not a cheap person by nature, but I do like getting value for the money I pay out. If I can get the same work done by someone for a fraction of the cost, I would be foolish to go with the higher priced locksmith. I am smart enough that I know I have to weigh competence in there too, so I really lucked out when I found not only a cheap locksmith but one that came highly regarded by former customers, according to the reviews I read online.

What I needed was hopefully something that could be done easily. I just knew that I did not have the resources or knowledge myself to do it. When my grandparents left me their house, I had no interest in moving there. I was interested in cleaning it out though for family memorabilia, and then letting my sister and her family move in there. The two of us cleaned out the basement and attic last, which is why it took us almost to the end to find the locked safe with no keys.

Neither of us had any idea what was in the safe, and we could not find a key to save our lives. We were both curious though, so we decided to have a locksmith open it up for us. When I explained to the locksmith what I needed done, he told us that it should be no problem. The price he gave me was more than fair, and he was able to go to our grandparent’s house on a Saturday, which was the only day my sister and I could both be there. Having a locksmith open up the safe for us was exciting, and what we found inside was even more so. Our grandparents made sure that we were both taken care of for the rest of our lives with what was in the safe! I am so glad that we did not just dismiss it as junk.

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